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We Sell to Serve



The mission of Company Aid-or-Ade is to enrich the lives of SunCom employees; adults with mental and physical disabilities who are employed in the community through the SunCom organization. We plan to accomplish this by enhancing the multi-sensory room, which is already being used by SunCom employees to aid in relaxation and sensory stimulation, renovating the greenhouse, and donating equipment. Our service project will be funded from the profits realized through the sales of relatively low cost, high quality T-Shirts, printed with a Gatorade inspired Bucknell design, and marketed to the Bucknell campus community. With the success of our business project, we hope to improve the quality of work and life for SunCom employees.




Company Announcements::

1. Oral Presentation for Aid-or-'Ade will take place on November 20, 2007 in Bucknell's Gallery Theatre. Come show your support.

2. Company members please be prepared to present on Tuesday!

3. Company Summary will be posted on the site by Monday at 12:00 PM.



Workers of the Week:

Congratulations Carly and Dave!

Keep up the great work!

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