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Company Summary

Company Milestones -

9/18 - Service Project Decision Day - S.I.M.O.N. House is agreed upon.

9/20 - Business Project Decision Day "You know you go to Bucknell if..." t-shirts

9/27 - Executives Elections - All executive positions filled

10/2 - Job Fair - All other staff positions filled

10/4 - Job Descriptions finalized

10/22 - Operating Plans approved

11/19 - Preliminary Company Summary Due

11/20 - Final Oral Report

11/27 - Final Company Summary, Website, and Archives due

Can't Beat C's Tees Have Sold Out and the S.I.M.O.N. House Renovations were a Success!

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Company Mission -

Can’t Beat C’s Tees’ goal is to renovate the S.I.M.O.N. House by creating a more suitable and comfortable area for the students to spend their time. The makeover would include painting and decorating the dining, kitchen, and living rooms as well as repairing and installing necessary fixtures. We will also interact with the students by pairing up with them and spending time with them throughout the renovation process.

The financial support for our service project will be provided from the profits from our “You Know You Go to Bucknell If…” t-shirts. The goal of this product is to provide the Bucknell campus and extended campus community with laughter. We will strive to create t-shirts that not only provide humor, but join different people behind commonly shared experiences from their time at Bucknell. Our shirts will be an attractive and quality product for a reasonable price.



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