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Members of Because 2 Is Better Than 1, the staff and faculty at Bucknell University, the staff and board members of the Donald Heiter Community Center, and the community of Lewisburg would like to show their appreciation for the generous donations from the following companies/businesses that helped make the renovation of the Community Center such a huge success.

Click here to see all the generous organizations that chose to donate materials to Because 2 Is Better Than 1.

We ask that you take a few minutes to visit the sponsor page and acknowledge their contributions to our company and to the Donald Heiter Community Center. Thank You.


Tuesday April 20 Congratulations to Ainsley Maloney for being named Worker of the Week from April 13th through 20th. Ainsley has done an excellent job script writing, scheduling, and organizing everything for our Oral Report presentation. Congratulations.
Monday April 19 The Company Summary is now posted online. Many thanks to Kristi and Dan (especially him) and to all the company members that contributed summaries and other important documents in a timely manner. You made Kristi and Dan's lives a lot easier. Please check out the Company Summary Page here.
Sunday April 18 First Practice for Oral Report is tonight from 9-11......be there or Ainsley will tear you a new one.
Friday April 16

The Service project at the DHCC was a huge success. The kids seemed to have a great time at the party, as evidenced by the constant screaming and yelling.Big shout out to the entire service division, you made the party a fun friday afternoon for everyone.

In addition to the shelving, painting and the leather couches we provided the DHCC, we were also able to provide the kids with food, drinks, candy (you could tell sugar levels were soaring), games and face painting. Once again, thanks to everyone who was able to attend the party.

Tuesday April 13 Congratualtions to Jon Shahrabani, Treasurer, and Brian Montgomery, Business Product Purchasing Manager for being voted our Company's workers of the week. They were voted for the week of April 6th through the 13th. Once again, thank you both for your hard work.
Tuesday April 13 First draft of company summary documents are due to Kristi. FINAL DRAFTS DUE FRIDAY APRIL 16TH!!! If you are unsure of what you are supposed to do, check it out here.
Tuesday April 13 Remember your responsibilities for archives, take a look at the due dates here.
Monday April 12 Newsletter 3 is now posted, check it out here if you haven't looked at it yet.
Wednesday April 7 We had a great first day of selling both products. We were able to sell 77 Tee-Shirts and 46 Drawstring Bags.
Tuesday April 6 Congratulations to Ashley and Leone for being voted Workers of the Week. Ashley's excellent work scheduling and planning our service project and the amazing donations Leone was able to get for the DHCC have given our company great flexibility. With their contributions to the Heiter center, Company B will definitely be able to do wonderful job and provide the Heiter with some very high quality furniture. Congratulations to you both!!
Tuesday April 6 Company Summary information is now available here.
Tuesday April 6 The tee shirts and drawstring bags have arrived today. Selling will begin tomorrow morning.
Monday April 5 Newsletter 2 is now posted here
Tuesday March 30 Business working schedule at the LC is now available here
Tuesday March 30 Service working schedule at the DHCC is now available here
Tuesday March 30 Breakfast will be served in lab.
Monday March 29 Reimbursement forms are now available online....click here for the forms.
Monday March 29 Newsletter article is now posted. Click here to read up about Company B.
Saturday March 27 Send any articles for newsletter to dan, dgreenbe@bucknell.edu
Friday March 26 Operating Plans presentation in lab part 2
Thursday March 25
Operating Plans presentation in lab
Worker Of The Week



Ainsley Maloney

Oral Report Manager