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May your song always be sung And may you stay, forever young
-Bob Dylan


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  • Final Service Schedule Posted-updated 3/30
  • All company members: Turn in nominations for employee of the week
  • Final Sales Schedule Poster-updated 3/30
  • Substituion List added-updated 3/30
  • Directions now on the service project page
  • New edition of newsletter has been posted-updated 4/8
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  • Final Newsletter poster-4/20
  • Final Company Summary now available-4/27

Employee of the Week:
Dustin Kreitzberg

Keep up the great work!

Our Mission:

We want to provide a quality House Party t-shirt that helps individuals remember and commemorate the weekend events. The T-shirts will create enough profit to make a difference in our community and donate this money to our service project. The service project is to work with YMCA in Milton. In doing so, we would renovate the babysitting room by cleaning, sanding and painting Sesame Street figurines throughout the three walls. This would create a more colorful and welcoming atmosphere for the younger children. We will also be painting a new chalkboard for the younger kids to use while they are being supervised. We will interact with the children grades 3 through 6 on their Friday night, called TGIF. We will plan and organize different activities throughout the facility. Along with providing staff, we will also be supplying the YMCA with more balls, pool toys and snacks to make their TGIF different and more entertaining.

Any Problems? Just email Doug Murphy