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Final Company Updates

2-17-04 - Decision Day 1, chose PlaySpace as Service Project, Business Project still up in the air

2-19-04 - Decision Day 2, chose bison polo shirts as our Business Project

3-2-04 - Job Fair

3-24-04 - Operating Plans Due

3-25-04 - Approved for Operating Plans

4-6-04 - Bison polo shirts arrive in the MGMT 101 lab

4-7-04 - Polo shirts go on sale today!


4-22-04 - Final Oral Report Presentations

4-27-04 - Final Company Summary Due

4-27-04 - Archives Due

4-27-04 - Final Company Website is due

5-4-04 - Dollars Down Collars Up is disbanded


The mission of Dollars Down, Collars Up is to provide the most effective service to The Play Space of Downtown Lewisburg. Working together with The Play Space’s children and parents, we will clean the facilities, sand and paint the walls, and replace many of the decrepit ceiling tiles. In addition to these renovations, we will produce and publish a brochure and design a website promoting The Play Space. We dedicate our minds, energy, and positive attitudes to this service project.

In order to fund our service project, we plan to market and sell high quality polo shirts with a stitched bison insignia to the students, faculty, and staff of the Bucknell community. Utilizing On Fire Promotions in Downtown Lewisburg, our product will be both affordable and of the highest quality. Through the sales of this product, we will raise significant funds and a high level of awareness for The Play Space.

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Worker(s) of the Week
"Asher Salam Thinks You're Da Bomb"

Scott Soloman