April 4- Service starts today! Make sure you know when you are scheduled to work. There may be cancellations due to rain.

IN 2 HOURS!!!!!

Mission Statement:

The mission of Company C is to service the Milton YMCA by refurbishing the main entrance to the Warehouse Café teen dance club. In addition, we will be assisting in various other projects inside the facility to help make it more appealing to the surrounding community. In order to foster respect for the facility, our company will try to involve the local kids that partake in the YMCA's weekend events. At the culmination of these projects we will organize and host a party to unveil the improvements we have made and get a chance to interact more with the kids and their families. These projects will be funded by the sale of high quality, affordable, custom-made pint glasses. These glasses will be marketed to the Bucknell community as a classic memento of Bucknell University.

Employee of the Week:

Jonathan Schwartz April 18th

Andrew Wagner April 13th

Sarah Surgala April 4th

Alice Lakian March 28th

Katie Casteel March 21st